Aero Enterprise GmbH for innovative service package “Airborne Quality Assurance”

2nd place and posting for participation on ECONOVIUS special state award.

With its “Airborne Quality Assurance” service package, Aero Enterprise was awarded the 2nd place at the Nation Prize for Innovation 2017 in Upper Austria. The award ceremony took place on 24th October at the Upper Austrian Studios of the ORF in Linz. Watch the video contribution here >> VIDEO

The Innovation Award, which is awarded annually by Business Upper Austria and the state of Upper Austria, was selected in four categories: small businesses – including Aero Enterprise-, medium-sized companies, large companies and research institutes. Furthermore, two jury awards (for radical innovations and / or business model innovations) were chosen.

“We are extremely pleased to be ranked second in the SME category and are proud to be a driving innovation force in Upper Austria, together with all nominees,” said Robert Hörmann, CEO and CTO of Aero Enterprise.
“The prize is especially for our team, which makes such submissions possible with unprecedented work and a high level of inventiveness,” added Peter Kurt Fromme-Knoch, CEO and CTO.

In addition, Aero Enterprise has been represented for the participation at the ECONOVIUS special prize of the State Award for Innovation to represent the country of Upper Austria. The ECONOVIUS special award of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber is awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises, which are characterized by particularly innovative achievements, within the framework of the award of the state prize Innovation.

Upper Austria is one of the most innovative federal states in Austria and thus presents itself as a strong business location in a global environment. Future products and services are key factors.

This was the Land Prize for Innovation 2017 – Gallery