Digitization of service processes

Aero Enterprise launches partner program for airborne inspection of wind turbines

Aero Enterprise offers a cooperation model for the efficient inspection of wind turbines for wind energy consultants and service companies throughout Europe. With the new concept we support our customer and partners in the progressive requirements for digitization.

The partner program and scope for the inspection of wind turbines are modular and therefore very flexible:

Rotor blades and tower can be inspected by the cooperation partner with his own multicopter drones. Aero Enterprise actively supports the transition to digital asset assessment in methodology and flight procedures.

The data collected (by the partner) are processed by Aero Enterprise, standardized and made available in a 3D environment Software for better orientation using the licence free “AERO-View”. Depending on the agreed service model, the extensive data collected can be analyzed, quantified, and classified for damage by Aero Enterprise itself, the partner or experts, using the “AERO-Lyse” license.

With the help of the incorporated database, damaged areas are automatically recorded with a single click in a digital report.

By using the airborne, digital asset assessment the customers saves time, money and personnel. Unsafe industrial climbing at bad weather conditions can be avoided and downtimes of the turbines can be reduced. ‘We are currently developing a machine-learning process that will further accelerate the process of finding potential defects through image matching’ adds Robert Hörmann, CEO of Aero Enterprise.


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