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Importance of airborne quality assurance of wind turbines in the course of digitization

Industrial climbers do most of the standard quality assurance inspection for wind turbines. But that is not the only way. The article shows how drones can be used to inspect wind turbines. Besides, analysis software and data storage can support this process. This follows the general trend of digitization.

The importance of digitization for industry is evident. Digital technologies help structuring the workflows in a more flexible and efficient way. This can lead to an increase in productivity.

Also, the article deals with the process of a drone inspection. From acquisition of data for data analysis and data storage. All aspects support the digitization of plant data. With digitized data acquisition, it is easy to connect work steps to other processes. Furthermore, the article describes the advantages of a drone inspection.

Advantages of the technology

Customers of this technology are operators of wind farms, service companies, insurance companies and technical experts. Yet, the focus is on the wind power industry. But, the method can also be applied to other types of objects. Further, the technology helps reduce maintenance and long-term after-sales costs.


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