WAB WindForce Baltic Sea Offshore Conference Poland

Aero Enterprise at WindForce Baltic Sea


On 13th February Aero Enterprise presents technical innovations at the WINDFORCE Baltic Sea 2019 in Gdansk/Poland

Robert Hoermann gives a speech at the conference for offshore wind in the Baltic Sea region on 13th February at 4 p.m.

‘Automatization in Wind Turbine Inspection – Intelligent Use of Drones with a Software-based Analysis and Reporting System’
Thus, Robert Hoermann will talk at the session on ‘Experience, Knowledge, Quality & Automatization’.

We look forward to see you in Gdansk!

The event focus on the challenges in the Baltic Sea region. Further, the conference targets on experiences and questions on offshore wind energy.

Here you can find more information about the event >> WINDFORCE website

That was the WINDFORCE Baltic Sea 2019:

ExpoAIR Drone Inspection Service

Speech at ExpoAIR in Munich


Speech at ExpoAIR in Munich

On the 21st November Aero Enterprise talks at the ExpoAIR 2018

On the 21st of November at 11 a.m. our managing partner Robert Hörmann gives a speech at the ExpoAIR fair. The topic: Airborne Quality assurance – chances and limits of an inspection with drones at wind turbines.

Aerospace on the way into the future

The ExpoAIR is an international exhibition of the aerospace supply industry. The current issue is how companies create innovative solutions for the aerospace industry. Therefore, this year’s topics are under the perspective of future technologies.

In addition, ExpoAIR is a B2B industry get-together for OEMs, suppliers, developers and manufacturers from development and production industry. The regional focus is on Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We look forward to see you there as well as exciting discussions on the lecture by Robert Hörmann.

Here you can find more information about the ExpoAIR >> ExpoAIR website


That was the ExpoAIR 2018:

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Logo RotorDrone

RotorDrone Forum 2018


RotorDrone Forum in Bückeburg: “Revolution in the airspace through drone technology”

Lecture by Aero Enterprise CEO Robert Hörmann “Airborne Quality assurance – UAS for the inspection of wind turbines

Robert Hörmann presented the concept of “Airborne Quality assurancM – UAS for the inspection of wind turbines” on 18 January on the subject of “Mass deployment of drones”.

From 18th to 19th January the helicopter museum Bückeburg / Germany invited to the third RotorDrone Forum. The main focus was on the topic of “revolution in airspace” and “safe flight operations”.

Meaningful use of UAV’s record an enormous upgrowth. There is a particular need for the use of drones in urban areas. But what are the requirements for secure traffic management under these conditions? What opportunities and risks exist in the future deployment scenarios of drones? Among other things, the speakers addressed these questions.

We would like to thank all subject experts and participants for the insightful discussions!

Here you will find an informative summary of UAV DACH e.V.’s lectures on the first day of the RotorDrone Forum.


Here you come to the website of the Helicopter Museum Bückeburg.

Business Angel Summit 2017


Austrian top founding teams in Kitzbühel

Unique opportunity to gain key players in the international business

Austrian top founding teams in Kitzbühel have the unique opportunity to gain key players in the international business world as partners and potential investors for their start-up.

Aero Enterprise was also able to shine with its business plan and was invited to Kitzbühl by the jury on 7 July.

The 13 selected startups pitched in front of business angels like Markus Ertler (startup300), Peter Koch (Martin Global AG), Dieter Rappold (vi bright gray), Christoph Kanneberger (Apex Ventures), Heinrich Prokop (Clever Clover), Berthold Baurek-Karlic (Venionaire ) as well as representatives of aws (including Managing Director Bernhard Sagmeister), FFG and the European Business Angel Club.

We thank all the business angels for the great feedback and the insightful discussions!


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VDI Experts Conference


VDI conference in Frankfurt

Overview in the technical and legal framework

During VDI conference on 4 and 5 July in Frankfurt, Experts where informed about the status quo of the industrial use of civilian drones. The conference gave a comprehensive overview of the technical and legal framework for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Aero Enterprise showed which tasks UAV’s already successfully take over in energy-technical systems.

At 5.30 pm on July 5, Robert Hörmann spoke about “Quality assurance from the air using the example of wind turbines”.

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Industry Day Wind Energy


Industry Day in Düsseldorf

Workshop about the use of drones on wind turbines

On the 28th and 29th of June, exciting questions from, among others, research, maintenance, production, law and standardization as well as a special forum on the subject of “municipalities and wind energy” awaited the visitors of the Industry Day NRW 2017 in Düsseldorf.

Robert Hörmann presented and discussed in a workshop on 28 June at 14.30 clock on “The use of drones on wind turbines”.

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WINDFORCE conference – major meeting in Bremerhaven

Offshore wind energy Industry in Germany

From 9 to 11 May, the WAB Offshore Conference took place in Bremerhaven under the name WINDFORCE.

The WINDFORCE conference is a major meeting point for the offshore wind energy industry in Germany. The event not only offers international lectures but also a great opportunity for discussions and meetings in order to deepen old and new contacts.

Thank you to all visitors on May 10th at 3:30 pm on the theme “Recurring Review”. Robert Hörmann spoke about “Airborne quality assurance”.

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VGB conference


VGB Conference “Maintenance on Power Plants”

The energy transition in Germany has dramatic effects on conventional power plant


The energy transition in Germany has dramatic effects on conventional power plants as a result of the massive expansion of renewable energies.

Not only lower full load hours, but also frequent approaches and descents and steep load ramps are new requirements for existing power plants. This is accompanied by an increased lifetime consumption of the components.

At the same time as the revenues that can be achieved on the market are falling steeply, the maintenance budgets are becoming increasingly scarce. Sometimes not even a substance-sustaining maintenance is possible.

The VGB conference in Hamburg should take this unfortunate trend into account and show how the operators react to these challenges.

In two podium discussions – with experts from the energy industry – the topic is deepened.

Aero Enterprise will also attend the conference on March 2nd. At 3.50 pm our CEO Robert Hörmann will give a talk on “Airborne Quality Assurance – Inspection of Rotor Blades with Air Robot”.

We look forward to a stimulating discussion afterwards!

Here you will find the program booklet for the event.