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Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

With AERO-SensorCopter or multicopter drones

Depending on particular missions different drones are utilized

The data acquisition of surfaces on the respective (industrial) objects are one of the first processes for mapping in scope af a quality cycle from Aero Enterprise. In the first place, flying robots or drones are used.

The AERO-SensorCopter is a self-developed, unmanned, semi-automatic flying robot (helicopter drone) with a rotor diameter of over two meters. The UAS is equipped with a high-resolution digital camera and a variety of other sensors for data collection. The inspection flight for wind turbines takes place onshore and offshore automatically along the rotor blades.

The AERO-SensorCopter is approved by the Austrian aviation authority AustroControl up to 25 kg (Class 1, III C) .

For other procedures and assignments, consumer drones such as DJI Inspire 2 or DJI Matrice (multicopter drones) are also used for inspection missions. Of course, these data can also be used in the AERO-Lyse evaluation software for automatic reporting.