Data Analysis & Storage

Data Analysis & Storage

Marking, Qualification and Classification of Data

Software & Database

Results – accurate, fast and objective.

Long-term monitoring of industrial plants requires comparable, clearly comprehensible as well as locally assignable data. The AEROSoftware Package developed by us is used to mark identified (potential) abnormalities or repairs of a plant. This images can be compared on a time series of years as the basis for the prognosis of damage developments.

The data collected during the inspection flights with the drones are read out in the mobile ground station, undergoing a post-processing procedure with support of artificial intelligence  and the prepared information is sent to the AERO-Base data bank.

In conjunction and symbiosis with the frontend to the customer, with the client-based analysis and classification software AERO-Lyse, multiple data can easily get marked end edited, as well old and new data can be compared.

Based on an algorithm, a digital life cycle file of each plant is created to predict future damage development.

This combination of flight-robot, measuring station, evaluation software and database is unique.