Onshore Wind Turbines

Wind turbine Inspection Service Onshore

Inspection-service on wind-turbines Onshore

Data-acquisition – Data-analysis – Automated reporting

The inspection service of wind turbines we provide is very diverse. It is built up modular in different service levels and offers many advantages and benefits – combined with the possible active involvement of our customers.



External optical inspections of wind turbines onshore are realized by aerial robots. The involved components are rotor blades (from all 4 sides!), spinner, as well as optional, nacelle and tower.

The (autonomous) aerial survey is carried out either by Aero Enterprise using the self-developed Helicopter-drone AERO-SensorCopter, or as part of a partner program, by the customer himself, using DJI Multicopter-drones.

With the start of the cooperation program, Aero Enterprise supports the partner with training in methodology and (flight) procedures in theory and practice. The comprehensive digital tool AERO-Software Package is used extensively.

The collected data are processed by Aero Enterprise, get standardized and available for displaying in the free license AERO-View.

Depending on the service model, in the following step the gathered data can be analysed under use of the license AERO-Lyse. Abnormalities can be quantified, qualified and classified according to the amount of damage. This can be done by Aero Enterprise itself, by the customer or by a qualified external expert.

A digital technical report is generated automatically under use of the database AERO-Base by only one click. On request customized status reports can be carried out.


Service Level 1 – 3

SL 1:

  • Aerial inspection of a wind turbine by Aero Enterprise or by the customer
  • Data processing and data preparation by Aero Enterprise
  • Free of charge provision of the licence AERO-View for a period of 30 days
  • Free of charge data storage for 1 year

SL 2:

  • Includes all services from level 1, plus:
  • Evaluation of inspection results by Aero Enterprise or by the customer
  • Preparation of an inspection report

SL 3:

  • Preparation of a “technical evaluation document” based on occurring damages by a qualified expert – provided by Aero Enterprise


Your advantages and benefits

EFFICIENCY: The drones are fast, reliable and future-oriented – technical report within 3 working days

OVERALL PICTURE: You get a comprehensive picture of the external condition of your entire wind turbine

DATA QUALITY: Continuous, complete data in high resolution, digitized, reproducible; specific customer data and results are available via secure access code

DOWNTIME: Significant reduction – therefor additional savings, as turbines re-start faster after the inspection – offshore: reduction from 16 hours to only to 2-3 hours

STRONG WIND CAPABILITY: Usability of the AERO-SensorCopter up to wind speeds of 14 m/sec or 50 km/h, thus continuous and precise image material as well as increased operational capability

HEALTH & SAFETY: A decisive advantage for the precaution of accident prevention measures; protection of man and material

COMPERATIVE INSPECTIONS: Possible at any time – old and new data can be reproduced with pinpoint accuracy

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE: Forecasting is done by inspections in time series (annually, 2 years intervals etc.)

DIGITIZATION: All data are captured digitally and are compatible with your ERP system

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: in cooperation with our partners we also carry out all other necessary activities, such as:

  • Recurring inspection
  • Condition-oriented inspection
  • End of Warranty inspection
  • Test of Completion Examination


For questions or further details, we are at your disposal

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