Effects corona on wind energy

Effects of COVID-19 on Wind Energy Sector

Effects of Corona Virus on Wind Energy Sector

The importance of the wind energy sector during COVID-19

The ‘critical role’ of the wind industry in ensuring a continued supply of electricity is undisputed. Reliable energy supply is especially important for the public services, like the health care system. However, the outbreak of the virus has led to a decrease in electricity consumption in different European countries by approximately 10-15%.

Corona virus can lead to delay in constructions of renewable energy projects

Forecasts for the wind energy installations 2020 state that the numbers will go down as COVID-19 has an impact on construction activities & installations. However, this depends on the duration of national lockdowns. Especially in Spain and Italy where some wind turbine and component factories have even come to standstill. Fortunately, the closed factory in Spain has now reopened. Also good news: The supply of materials from China goes back up after interruptions in February.

In Austria the construction deadlines for wind farms got extended by half a year. In this way the crisis doesn’t lead to expiring funding contracts.

(Source: WindEurope, IG Windkraft)

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AWES Vienna 2020 postponed corona

AWES 2020 – Aero Enterprise exhibits

Aero Enterprise at AWES 2020

The 14th Wind Energy Symposium (AWES) in Vienna got postponed.

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