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RotorDrone Forum 2018


RotorDrone Forum in Bückeburg: “Revolution in the airspace through drone technology”

Lecture by Aero Enterprise CEO Robert Hörmann “Airborne Quality assurance – UAS for the inspection of wind turbines

Robert Hörmann presented the concept of “Airborne Quality assurancM – UAS for the inspection of wind turbines” on 18 January on the subject of “Mass deployment of drones”.

From 18th to 19th January the helicopter museum Bückeburg / Germany invited to the third RotorDrone Forum. The main focus was on the topic of “revolution in airspace” and “safe flight operations”.

Meaningful use of UAV’s record an enormous upgrowth. There is a particular need for the use of drones in urban areas. But what are the requirements for secure traffic management under these conditions? What opportunities and risks exist in the future deployment scenarios of drones? Among other things, the speakers addressed these questions.

We would like to thank all subject experts and participants for the insightful discussions!

Here you will find an informative summary of UAV DACH e.V.’s lectures on the first day of the RotorDrone Forum.


Here you come to the website of the Helicopter Museum Bückeburg.

GIZMOtec GmbH – new website


New website of our subsidiary GIZMOtec GmbH online

Redundancy board with the name “AutoPilot Manager Kit”


Just in time for Christmas our new website of our subsidiary GIZMOtec GmbH went online.

As a sales arm and solution provider around unmanned systems is offered with a first major product, a redundancy board with the name “AutoPilot Manager Kit”.

As a link for the operation of two independently running (different) autopilot on board an autonomous robot (on the air, in the water or on land), a safety switch is installed, which in case of failure of one of the two autopilots (eg by power failure, …) on the second autopilot toggles.

The AP Manager thus provides one of the foundations for the redundancy required by many aviation authorities in Europe for the operation and deployment of commercially used, unmanned systems, in particular for multi-copters.

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