Dear reader,

just in time to the beginning of spring, we want to get in touch with you again. At our last test flight we even saw the Easter-bunny through our SensorCopter lens. The whole Aero Enterprise team hope that you had a pleasant Easter holidays, as we did.

But now we want to notify you, what happened since December…



Speech in Hamburg

In early March Aero Enterprise was invited to VGB-Conference in the Congress-Center Hamburg, with the theme „Maintenance in Power Plants“.

With our speech to the subject „Airborne Quality Assurance - Inspection on Rotor-Blades with a Flying Robot“ we could discuss more detailed with experts of power industry at the panel debate.


Symposium in Vienna

One week later, at AWES (Austrian Wind Energy Symposium) in Vienna we had the opportunity to inform about 450 national and international visitors about our system and services at our info-booth.

Besides of our service, the presentation of the function of our software (AERO-Lyse, AERO-View) we got a lot attention.

The strong interest of the visitors was also dedicated to the future possibility of the software, to locate ground-based data of rotor blades in a virtual 3D-space. Further discussions showed also an interest in precise spatial allocation of pictures, made from the inside of rotor blades. So this kind of documentation is clearly in demand.


If you wish to use our service to make high definition ground photography or interior shots for documentation and quality assurance, you can contact us anytime for details. We would be happy to discuss your individual needs!




Parallel to the 3rd generation of our SensorCopter we are working on the further development of our software.
Aside from wind turbines also static constructions like bridges will get integrated in our software. This is why we are always keen on feedback from this sector.

Here a brief insight in our software and report.



Integration partner

We face some really big tasks this year.

On the one hand we are doing test flights on different facilities to optimize procedures and the software as well as to train our team. On the other hand we are investing in new staff, hardware and software.

At this point we want to sincerely thank you for the great support last year. Without your professional advice and constructive critique, many things would not be possible.

We would love to know possibilities for further test flights in vicinity to Linz (250 km)! Also we would be happy to work with partners in technical cooperation’s in use of UAV’s, our software and realising customized solutions, perhaps in a joint funding project.
We are looking forward to your replies!


See you soon,

Robert Hörmann, Peter Fromme-Knoch
& the Aero Enterprise team



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