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Welcome to our first Newsletter. What has happened in the past? What is going on in the future? We will be happy to provide you with information on the status quo of Aero Enterprise.



HUSUM Wind Exhibition 2015

From 15th to 18th September we presented our measuring system at the largest trade fair for wind energy for the first time to interested specialists. We received tremendous interest in our company and services. Manufacturers, Facility operators, experts, consulting engineers and service providers looked very close to the technology introduced by Aero Enterprise.

The SensorCopter

HUSUM Wind offered five exhibition halls and a large congress centre for its 651 exhibitors for its wind turbines producers, businesses, energy providers, service providers etc. About 20.000 visitors were given information at the exhibition stands.

The large number of contacts we made there as well as cooperation offerings encouraged us to work intensive on the completion of all systems.


Great interest at our
exhibition booth at HUSUM Wind


The Aero Enterprise Team



UASympEx Hamburg 18.-20.10.2015

Our managing directors Robert Hörmann and Peter Kurt Fromme-Knoch hurried from HUSUM to the top-class first symposium for integration and security of drones. Experts discussed two days about issues like, chances and risks of standardisation, protection against misuse and the integration of UAS into agricultural sector or wind energy industry. On the second day start-ups could present their companies to experts, business angles and potential investors.

Robert Hörmann during his speech


Current progress & outlooks

Currently we are working very hard on the next generation of the SensorCopter, which should be in action in spring 2016. Some special features are: absolutely stable flight behaviour, longer operation time in the air as well as even more precise images. Additionally we are working with our partner on the final adjustment of our visual and analysis software AERO-View, AERO-Lyse and AERO-Mind. Further, our ground station (a Crafter 4x4) which we presented at HUSUM Wind gets prepared for the first field operations. This year we will proceed some precise planed test program at different wind power turbines in Austria. The results will directly be implemented for the optimisation of field operations as well as the interpretation of the results.

‘Windenergietage’ 10. & 11.11.2015

You can meet us in November at the 24th ‘Windenergietage’ in Linstow/Germany and discuss on recent developments with Robert Hörmann and Christian Raml. Here we will have a small exhibition stand at the entrance to the circus tent. We are looking forward meeting you there.

Are you interested in cooperating with us or test flights at wind power turbines as well as vertical-objects? Please contact us via


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